The shoulder part VIII – The ”X”

This exercise is another one of my favourites for building better and stronger posture. While pulling the arms back it's extra important to keep the stately posture and add the active pull of the ribs down as not to overwork the upper back and push your ribcage out instead of working the shoulder muscles. As you're... Fortsätt läsa mer →

Shoulder part VI – plank

Yes, there's a plank we can use for shoulder stability, it's all about what you focus on in the movement. This exercise is another that helps me keep the head of the upper arm centralised in the joint. In this specific plank, I want you to focus and start the movement of the rotation in... Fortsätt läsa mer →

Shoulder part I – Intro

Imbalances around joints is not that easy to explain, however detailed I try to explain it in writing. I have previously attempted a couple of times to explain it in a blog, but I've given up trying to write about it. So this time I've made a video that is about 7 minutes long explaining... Fortsätt läsa mer →

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